When you’re thinking of moving quite a distance and want to purchase a home, things get a little more complicated than if you’re riding around looking at homes in person. Let’s talk about what it’s like to move across state lines, or just too far to feasibly travel very often.

The search will be different, as you probably won’t be able to just hop in your car and go see it or even set up a showing within a reasonable amount of time. You have two options here: travel the distance for the search and hope you find THE ONE during your stay. Or you can have your Realtor go look for you and FaceTime or take many many detail shots. This second option requires trust and really some faith on your end. There really isn’t a perfect alternative to seeing the house in person.

The paperwork. Luckily, these days we utilize digital signature platforms for most of the transaction, and email makes it super easy. We can go over the documents with you to make sure you understand everything you’re signing as always, and digital signatures are instantaneous.

Closing. This is the slightly more complicated part. Usually, we schedule a closing time at the Title Company and all show up. When you’re far away, however, this obviously doesn’t happen. You have two options for closing, as the documents need to be notarized: you can either get the snail mailed documents to your address and take them to be notarized as you sign and then send them back with the certified check for down-payment and closing costs, or the title company can coordinate with a cooperating closing company to have you sign as usual.

Keys. Usually, keys are transferred at closing. However, with long distance closes, the keys need to be either mailed or held for pick-up by the Title Company or your Realtor.
Clearly, finding a Realtor you trust is important in any scenario, but when you’re moving from a distance, we hope you find the perfect person! As always: the more you know the better off you’ll be.